The Digihealth patient Portal enables remote patient feedback on their quality of life, how well therapies work for them and their experiences when seeking care (PROMs & PREMs). The application hosts ICHOM Standard Sets and other established PRO questionnaires that are widely used to inform clinical evaluations, healthcare commissioning and health technology assessments.

Digihealth interconnects with the Reimburse platform allowing users to contribute health data for personalised outcomes research and more importantly, inform the quality of care and interventions received to inform value-based procurement agreements.

(Patient Reported Outcome Measures)

(Patient Reported Experience Measures)

Enabling patients to own their Digihealth

Digihealth also encourages patient engagement and provides a one-stop healthcare portal that provides organisations with the ability to

- Receive and share health/well-being data, reports & records
- Provide patients with rewards for treatment adherence, compliance and timely responses to surveys and questionnaires
- Provide rewards to patients for engaging in healthy activities
- Enable remote consultations and communications for an improved health experience
- Develop a partnership with patients and encourage patient retention
- Provide a differentiator and competitive advantage for your health system


Patients incentivisation

Patients using the Digihealth ecosystem will receive Digihealth tokens (DGH), our native digital currency, as a reward for completing questionnaires, surveys and requests within required timeframes and sharing data where applicable.